Joe Carr, N.D.

Dr JoeAs of 2012, Dr. Carr has 36 years experience as a counselor, 17 years spent as a minister and missionary in Brazil. He has been a practicing, traditional naturopath for 17 years. He holds a doctorate in pastoral counseling as well as in naturopathy.

He is a certified nutritional counselor, a certified medical microscopist (through the Bradford Research Institute) and has received training in BICA, ART and certification in ETPS. He completed a post-doctorate masters degree in integrative medicine at the Capitol University of Integrateive Medicine in Washington, D.C. in 2004.

One of Carr's unique skills is his knowledge of Brazilian folk medicine. Gleaned from years living in northeastern Brazil, he has actively pursued working knowledge of Brazilian plants, herbs and other natural medicinals. He has been active in bringing new substances and products from Brazil to the U.S. Among the substances he has recently incorporated into his practice

  • Agaricus blazei murill mushroom
  • Abajeru or Coco Plum
  • Mastruz
  • Jambalão
  • Uncaria tomentosa

Carr makes multiple trips annually to Brazil's northeast and consults regularly with ethnopharmacologists in southern Brazil. He has lectured on Brazilian ethnopharmacology at the Capital University of Integrative Medicine on integrative medical practices and has trained and consulted with numerous physicians on the use of Brazilian plant substances in their medical practices and the use of medical microscopy.


Dr. Carr is married to his "queen," Arimar. He lovingly refers to her as his Brazilian souvenir. Originally from the northeast of Brazil, she is the office manager of Wellness Therapies.

The proud father of three children, they have given him a total of eleven handsome and beautiful grandchildren.

The Ubaúna Project

Dr. Carr is the founder of Gospel for Brazil, a non-profit organization that operates in the poverty-stricken interior of the Brazilian state of Ceará. Much of his effort is dedicated to raising funds, arranging strategic trips and hugging on little kids with no hope except what he helps to bring. If you are interested in learning more about his efforts, please click here.

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