LiveBloodPeripheral blood assessments (PBA) have been developed to assess oxidative injury. Most degenerative processes, stresses, toxicities and imbalances studied reveals their presence in the PBA tests.

The utilization of variable projection microscopy in analyzing the peripheral drops of blood, air-dried and coagulated (HLB), in conjunction with the wet smear High Resolution Blood Morphology (HRBM), is a simple, proven way to assistance an individual with his health challenges. It additionally saves time and money and helps reduce,pain and suffering by providing direction for the practitioner to assist the individual. It is an intelligent way to direct further laboratory studies along with physiological and psychological examinations in determining an accurate plan of improving one's health. It is a risk factor assessment.

These tests are used to assess morphological changes in the blood as a means of evaluation of balanced body chemistry (homeostasis). They are perfomed while the individual is in the office and he is able to actually see what is occurring on the monitor.

DryBloodThe High Resolution Blood Morphology (HRBM), can give one a better understanding of their health as indicated by the condition of their blood cells. The expression "We are what we eat", is true in every sense of the word. Once one "sees" what is happening inside, it becomes possible to make changes that can bring him back to health.

The HLB Peripeheral Blood Assessment is an analysis of coagulated blood. The same process of extracting a drop of blood from the fingertip as in the live blood testing is used, but the blood is allowed to dry and then examined under the microscope. The scope of information provided is broader and more systemic. It provides an excellent tool for seeing the levels of acidity and alkalinity of the body.

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